Torres 10 Smoked Barrel Penicillin by Paradiso

Smoky and delicate, this is the new version of the classic Penicillin cocktail, created by Paradiso 

Paradiso, chosen by the prestigious The World’s 50 Best Bars as the number one cocktail bar in the world, is the creator of Torres Brandy’s new signature cocktail.

The Barcelona cocktail bar has become a key global point of reference, as well as being keen to lead the green revolution in bars. Sustainability is part of their raison d’être, and they’re working hard to become a zero-waste cocktail bar. They even recycle waste plastics to create their own coasters.

In the cocktail world being sustainable is also about using local products and adapting cocktails depending on the time of year, which is what Paradiso is doing with the new signature cocktail they’re launching this autumn. They prepare a mushroom broth, adding fresh lemon juice to acidify the mix when it’s cooled, and using a chestnut honey and extract of fresh ginger for sweetness. All these ingredients are then mixed with Torres 10 Smoked Barrel, a highly versatile brandy that gives this version of the classic Penicillin cocktail a slightly smoky flavor. To garnish, the mushrooms from the broth are reused in two different ways, in an effort to generate less waste, and make the most of the ingredients. One part is puréed with 10% sugar and then dehydrated to make thin, crispy chips, and the other is used to make a smooth flavorful sauce to go on top of the chips to further intensify the mushroom aroma. 

An autumn cocktail with a slightly smoky flavor that’s a joy for all your senses. Paradiso’s Penicillin with Torres 10 Smoked Barrel is perfect as an evening cocktail; sweet and smoky, it’s perfect as an after dinner cocktail, or on a cocktail night out. Cheers!

Torres 10 Smoked Barrel Penicilin by Paradiso


  • Torres 10 Smoked Barrel 
  • Mushroom broth 
  • Chestnut honey 
  • Ginger 
  • Citrus