Torres 10 Smoked Barrel Perfect Serve

The first ever smoked brandy aged in vintage American oak barrels. An exceptional brandy to be enjoyed in an exceptional way.

An exceptional brandy, worthy of being enjoyed in an exceptional way.

Torres 10 Smoked Barrel, the first ever smoked brandy, needs to be enjoyed well chilled with a nice big ice sphere. This way you’ll savour the notes of vanilla and toffee that enhance its distinctively delicate smoky finish. 

Aged in vintage American oak barrels, this bandy makes a perfect partner for every kind of chocolate dessert, or as an after lunch or after dinner drink.

Torres 10 Smoked Barrel On the Rocks


  • An ice sphere
  • Torres 10 Smoked Barrel
  • Orange zest to garnish
  • Fresh or glacé cherries


  • Place the ice sphere in an Old Fashioned style short tumbler.
  • Add 50 ml Torres 10 Smoked Barrel.
  • Stir gently for just a few seconds.
  • Garnish with a wide strip of orange zest:  twist, allowing a few drops of the essential oils to fall into the glass. 
  • Then place the zest next to the ice, and a fresh or glacé cherry next to the orange zest